Adrian Gonzalez & Associates, PA

Adrian Gonzalez & Associates is a commercial real estate appraisal firm serving the greater Hollywood region in the state of Florida. Working with local, state and federal agencies, as well as business and homeowners, Adrian Gonzalez & Associates helps to establish fair market values for commercial and residential properties, allowing owners to market their properties accurately and plan for any future developments.

As a licensed real estate broker and state-certified general appraiser with more than 30 years of experience, lead appraiser G. Adrian Gonzalez Jr. has worked with properties and projects of all types. Adrian Gonzalez & Associates assists Florida transportation authorities, city planning officials and other government authorities in expanding, improving or reorganizing urban areas. They also work with commercial and private interests, including banks, investors, businesses and property owners. Offering comprehensive appraisal and consulting services, Adrian Gonzalez & Associates assists owners in their organizational efforts and helps them plan their future investments and acquisitions throughout the state.

Enlist professional real estate consultants in the Hollywood area to assist with your real estate acquisition, valuation or development project in Florida. Contact Adrian Gonzalez & Associates today for more information.

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