Real Estate Consulting Services

Property Types Experience & Other Consulting Experience

Adrian Gonzalez & Associates is a commercial real estate consulting firm in Hollywood, Florida, serving communities across the state. With experience with commercial and residential properties of all types, real estate appraisal experts G. Adrian Gonzalez Jr. and Antonio Conde serve municipalities, investors, businesses and property owners in acquiring and planning public works projects and future developments in their communities and at their properties.

With more than 34 years of experience in real estate appraisal and brokerage, Adrian Gonzalez & Associates has worked with a wide variety of commercial and private real estate interests. Local government agencies expanding roadways, planning public works projects or investing in other municipal developments rely on their expertise to accurately appraise properties for acquisition and forecast valuation. AGA has worked with businesses including restaurants, franchises, shopping centers, service stations, motels, industrial lots and more to accurately assess and appraise property values and help owners and prospective buyers plan their future investments and acquisitions.

Our experience runs the gamut, from market feasibility studies and rental analysis to right-of-way cost estimates and best-use studies. Whatever your needs are, their team has more than three decades of experience, making them the trusted source for countless clients. Let Adrian Gonzales & Associates help with your appraisal and consultation needs.

Take a look at their full range of services below, or contact the AGA team today to schedule a consultation with their full-service valuation experts in Hollywood to help plan your upcoming project.

We have experience with the following property types:

* Free Standing Retail Buildings                  * Bars

* Fast Food Restaurants                                * Convenience Stores

* Retail Strip Centers                                     * Hospital Property

* Shopping Centers                                         * Wetlands

* Agriculturally Zoned Properties                * Surplus R/W parcels

* Banks                                                              * Rock Pits

* Office Buildings                                            * Special Purpose Properties

* Service Stations                                            * Single Family Homes

* Service Garages                                            * Apartment Buildings

* Industrial Warehouses                               * Vacant, Commercial & Residential Lands

* Car Lots & Boat Yards                                 * Churches

* Motels                                                             * Rail corridors


Other Consulting Experience

Specialty studies including:

* Right of Way Cost Estimates

* Market Rental Analysis: Feasibility of leasing one site versus another

* Market Feasibility Studies

* Parking Studies: Diminution in value due to parking loss

* Access Reduction Studies: Two access points versus one

* Highest and Best Use Studies: Before and After situations

*Assistance in the PD& E process


Additionally, the firm provides real estate brokerage services and ad valorem taxation advisory services.